CFO Misfires

Your reports from across Canada about the latest Provincial Chief Firearms Officers latest misfire. The back-door gun registry they attempted to set up last year was only stopped because responsible firearms owners spoke up!

Teller from Ontario reports:

Dear Ms. Galant,

Thank you for taking a first step to reform of Canadas gun laws by ending the long gun registry and deleting the information from that registry.

I would like to be very clear in addressing the fact that I am neither a hunter nor a farmer in the province of Ontario. I am instead a university educated suburbanite and recreational target shooter who competes across the province in multiple disciplines involving rifles, handguns and shotguns. I have never committed a crime in my life. Recently, I switched shooting clubs and upon doing so I was informed by the Chief Firearms Officer of Ontario that my new authorization to transport (also known as an ATT) will require that I obtain a written invitation from each and every club that I travel to when I compete. I was also told that if I failed to do so I could be incarcerated like a common criminal for up to 5 years for a paper crime.

Across Canada, all competitive shooting events are volunteer initiatives. This includes all gun clubs, fish and game clubs, and shooting organizations in all provinces and territories. To ask that each of these organizations issue hundreds of letters, each addressed and written for each specific user is not only unrealistic, but an unnecessary and useless bureaucratic burden. It is clear that the these CFOs are not only trying to justify their substantial budgets but also attempting to further stifle and dissuade competitive shooting in Canada. Due to these new policies I have found it difficult if not impossible to coordinate my summer competition period since many clubs are difficult to contact or are just overwhelmed by requests for invitations. This new policy will completely destroy this fine sport and the traditions and comradeship that it embodies.

Please put a stop to this unnecessary harassment by unelected, taxpayer wasting bureaucrats who are determined to cast our sport into the dustbin of history!

MK from Ontario reports:

(Concern #1)

I am currently awaiting transfer of a restricted pistol I bought from another Ontario resident. I am told the transfer takes 4 weeks! Why in the hell is this service level so long? Its unacceptable that responsible gun owners, who have transferred restricted firearms previously have to wait for this amount of time as part of the normal ‘service level’. I refuse to accept this time required for shuffling paper.

(Concern #2)

When I buy ammunition at a retail store in Ontario, a paper ledger book is kept with my personal RPAL details including calibre I purchase. What a GREAT shopping list for a criminal to steal then know who has specific types of firearms. How on earth can this forced requirement by the CFO be acceptable? It endangers the safety of my family. This practice is unnaceptable and must be stopped.

Not Impressed from Ontario reports:

This is a story from my gun club. I will not name it because we are concerned that there could be fallout from the PCFO.

Our club is typical of many sporting clubs. We are made up of mostly men, mostly a little older, very passionate about the outdoors and shooting sports. Working people with families, responsibilities and deep roots. Some from the city, many from the surrounding rural area, all banding together to enjoy our passion of shooting.

Our range is in a natural basin with hills surrounding it. It also backs on to a 500 hectare uninhabited forest. There is at least 5 k of no human habitation behind our farthest backstop. This was the reason the range was put here in the first place. It was a logical and safe place to have shooting sports.

Recently our little club was asked to make some very costly changes. Raise the earth berm backstops to over 30 feet in the air. This may seem like a small thing, it was not. Hundreds of tons of earth and nearly 100K in our donated funds, we had completed the task requested by our PCFO. All of this was in case a stray shot went over our original 20 high berms. Considering that most of the shooting is done at 50′ from the berms, the logic of this seemed, well, idiotic.

The next request was to put heavy wooden baffles down either side of our 500 meter, rifle range. Let me explain this so you get the idea of what was being requested by the PCFO ‘in case a shot went wild’.

A wall of logs on either side of the shooter extending about 50′ out onto the range as well as considerably enlarging the backstop berm at the end of the range. To some this may seem logical, it is not. It is illogical and unscientific at best.

Consider that 10s of thousands of hunters go into the forests, farms and wilderness areas all over this province, virtually every day of the year. They shoot rifles and there are no backstops, or berms or baffles. There are accidents, yes but very few, there are even fatalities, very very few. Almost always caused by poor supervision and training.

Gun clubs are safe, Shooting accidents have dramatically and consistently decreased over the past decade. I would not let my son attend if it was not. We train ourselves and others. We train every shooter to be responsible for their actions.

The added financial burden to our (and other) clubs to enact whimsical ideas of how to make a safe activity even safer is not a benefit. It serves as a reminder that ‘more is often less’.

CFOs do not consult, they dictate. They are not accountable for their actions. Their actions are inconsistent and aggravating.

Gun owners are responsible and want the ability to demonstrate that. A civilian firearms regulatory agency would go a long way to demonstrating that.

hamilton_shooter from Ontario reports:

Received a call from Ontario CFO indicating that they would put a hold on any restricted transfers to my name until I had a valid LTATT.

It should be noted that at the time I received the call, I explained to the CFO that I was on the waiting list to receive my CSSA approved ATT training. Regardless, the officer stated that he would still put a ‘hold’ on any future transfers, and would include a ‘note’ on file that I was in the process of obtaining my LTATT.

I carry a valid RPAL, a clean criminal record, am an upstanding citizen of this country and am a member of a CFO approved shooting range in Ontario. The only item I do not have, is an LTATT – which to best of my understanding should not prevent me from purchasing restricted firearms. I do not believe this is in accordance with Canadian Firearms law.

Geep from Ontario reports:

The Ontario system for the CFSC results imposes a second 28 day waiting period in addition to the legislated 28 day waiting period that the RCMP must observe. Other provinces such as BC supply test results same or next day.
A federal Act needs to be applied equally and fairly for all Canadians and not subject to varying interpretations Province by Province.
Further when enquiring of the CFO for Ontario neither the Govt of Canada, the Province of Ontario and the OPP seem to want to take responsibility for his Office. He is an OPP officer, appointed by the Provincial Minister administering a Federal Act and everyone wants to point fingers elsewhere when asked to take responsibility, ergo, he feels untouchable and creates his own rules and roadblocks as he sees fit even though his rules differ from common practice in other Provinces.
This is not an acceptable practice.

Maple_leaf_eh from Ontario reports:

The CFO for Ontario pulled the rug out from under all Restricted Firearms owners in Ontario when he decided we all needed more paperwork (from his office) to enjoy our sport.

Here is another one. The SQ in Quebec (maybe they are the CFO), has made all kinds of trouble for a club I belong to. They have a bizaar rule about no-blue-sky on the firing point of all approved ranges. Their solution was to force the club to build a one-foot thick bullet stop in the middle of the rifle range, which instantly cuts the provinces only private 1000 yd target rifle range to a 600 yd range. I compare Quebecs range rules to those I worked with in Saskatchewan. We built a 1460 yd rifle range with absolutely no interference or bother from the CFO. Two opposite interpretations of the very same Range Inspection and Design Guidelines. A book written by a Professional Engineer for the RCMP and all CFOs.

Yes, the CFO has effected my life.

Donny Fenn from Alberta reports:

I dont know if unfair is the right term but the whole you need a STATT to pick up new purchases from stores or the post offices certainly is somewhat punitive.
Once a person has jumped through all the hoops to attain a PAL/RPAL the licence should be the only authorization to transport required.

Luke from Prince Edward Island reports:

In prince Edward island, our CFO has added on to the firearms act making me not able to obtain a minors permit, even though I am 14, in the end I persuaded him to give me a nova Scotia minors licence.

stickboy from Saskatchewan reports:

I got caught up in the 12-6 handgun fiasco. Went to court for a hearing to change caliber and barrel length as the registrar refused to permit it. After 4 federal crown prosecutors including their superviser and 5 years, the judge said what i wanted made perfect sense. The crown backed down and issued registration certificate. For years after that when I would buy a long gun it always went to the cfo before i could take it home. I was told this was random. Finally I found out they had put a note on my file ” a refusal to register”. When I finally managed to contact the cfo after many calls and left messages, he laughed and said it was no big deal. Only when I told him that if I had any more trouble, that I would go thru the courts again, did he sober up. Have not had any problems since.

Leddy from British Columbia reports:

The CFOs refuse to issue any CCW permits to any law abiding citizens. They have left us defenseless and they have monopolized safety in the hands of the police. We as humans have a god given right to defend ourselves. We defend politicians, banks, gold, armored cars, CEOs of large corporations and children who an afford to be in private schools. Why cant we defend ourselves with at least a .22 handgun?

Jake from Alberta reports:

170 day wait for pal application. Extremely rude employees when inquiring about status.

David from British Columbia reports:

I have two sons that originally were granted a Firearms License – Minor when they were 12 and 14 years old (in 2009). This is after they had taken passed the PAL course and the RPAL course. Three years is the maximum time that these licenses could have been issued for. When it came time for the renewal of these Licenses (in 2012), I started two months in advance of their current License expiry date. Imagine my dismay when after several weeks, I initiated an inquiry and was informed that the forms I had sent in: RCMP 5614 / CAFC 979 – Application for Renewal of a Firearms Licence for an Individual was not actually the form for an Individual who is a minor that is renewing a license. I was informed that I needed to submit: “Application for a Firearms License – Minor”. I was also informed that this form was unavailable on line and all Minor Licenses where dealt with at the Provincial CFO office level. I tried numerous times (at least a dozen) to get in contact with the BC CFO office, but I always got voice mail. I left multiple messages requesting a call back but never received one. Finally a real person answered which turned out to be the Alberta CFO office? They informed me that calls to the BC CFO office were being forwarded to them. The Alberta CFO office was kind enough to email me the “Application for a Firearms License – Minor”. I asked why would I have to fill out an “Application for a Firearms License”. My sons already HAD licenses. To no avail. Well I then filled in the forms, loaded my two sons into the vehicle and headed to the BC CFO office to hand deliver the “correct” forms. The BC CFO office would not accept them. I was told I would have to mail them to New Brunswick. This I did. Imagine my surprise when after several weeks I initiated an inquiry and was informed that although the forms: “Application for a Firearms License – Minor” had been received, the information would not be entered into the system because there was already an “Application” in the system. Yes, you guessed it. The “Application” that was already in the system was the “Form 979” that I had submitted in the first place. Nothing could be done until these initial applications had been “cleared” from the system. By this time my son’s licenses had expired, and I found myself now in a possible culpable Criminal Code of Canada situation. I then wrote to my MP (Mr. Warawa) describing my situation. He forwarded my complaint to Mr. Toews. Interesting to note that my sons received their Licenses within a week of Mr. Toews inquiring to the RCMP about my son’s Licenses. I am quite certain that the BC CFO office would still be obfuscating the process if I had not contacted my MP. This process took almost 5 months. I will now start the process again for my eldest son who will be turning 18 in two months. His Minor License will expire on his birthday. How much would you like to bet that he will be subject to not having a Firearms License for a period of several months while we vainly attempt to jump through the hoops. He has met all training and has no issues with his background or references, but the process and CFO Office will thwart our best attempts.

N/A from Ontario reports:

I would just like to express my dissatisfaction with the Ontario CFO. They are incredibly slow in everything they have done for me in the past, be it Long Term ATTs, Short Term ATTs and handgun registration transfer. It is nearly impossible to every talk to someone when you call there. In my years of dealing with them, I believe my call was answered once when I called. Every other time I had to leave a message and wait a day or two to finally hear back from them. They are a complete waste of money and care not about serving the public. They are completely anti-gun, which is why I believe they take so long in getting things done. My tax dollars pay for these people to do such a terrible job at serving me and my fellow gun owners and I am disgusted with the service. I once had to wait nearly two months just to have the registration of a newly purchased handgun changed to my name, and then had to wait even longer until I was issued a Short Term ATT, just so I could take it home. I am a responsible gun owner and I am sick of the CFO mistreating us and making our lives difficult.

Furthermore, Chris Wyatt is constantly out to get gun owners by imposing his own needless conditions on us, which do not in any way enhance public safety, but simply make it harder to us to enjoy our sport. He enforces his own law and I am tired of it. I have heard nothing but the same kind of experiences from friends living in other Provinces as well. CFOs need to be scrapped entirely or at the very least, privatized and run by those who care about customer service and will not taint their work with personal bias.

Thank you

mcbugbear from Ontario reports:

At the end of March 2011 I privately purchased a restricted firearm. In order to complete the transfer I required a Short Term Authorization To Transport to get the firearm from the residence of the seller to my home. I phoned the CFOs office after 6 weeks to ask how long this would take and was informed that they were running about 8 weeks behind. I contacted the CFOs office a couple of more times receiving the same response even after 8 weeks of waiting. After 12 weeks I contacted my MPP to inquire what the hold-up was. After my MPPs inquiry I received my STATT within 30 minutes. The reason given was that a human error had been made.

luc from Quebec reports:

every year i have mistake on my ATT. they dont even pay attention on form we send them.

BLH from Alberta reports:

I recently renewed my restricted PAL and with it my LTATT. When I got my new LTATT it was for only my range I was a member at. My previous LTATT was province wide but my new one was only for my one range I belonged to. I called and talked to the people at the firearms center and they told me that they would send out a new province wide LTATT by email. I checked my email and it was the CFO asking for the names of my new ranges. I thought that they were confused so I told them that I just wanted the same as I used to have. They then told me that they can only give me a LTATT for ranges I belong to. I asked what if I have to take my restricteds to a gunsmith for work? They told me that I could only get a STATT for that. I asked for the section of the firearms act that stated that requirement. They then told me that my gun club wasnt a recognized range and they can only issue a province wide LTATT to an approved range.

Monashee from British Columbia reports:

My RPAL was held up by the BC CFO until one week before expiry of my old one without which I would have been commiting a criminal offense.The reason the BC CFOs office gave me(when I finally managed to contact them,and after becoming worried about no licence arriving),was that I had an RPAL when I had no restricted firearms registered in my name.They found that strange,but did not bother to get in touch with me.I informed them that I had worked in the firearms business where the RPAL was a condition of work,that I had owned restricted forearms in the past and might again.The lady I spoke with said she would facilitate delivery of my RPAL(after sitting on it for a couple of months).I recieved my new RPAL a week after ny old one expired.

B8HVNPNO from Ontario reports:

As a licensed firearms owner, I began the process of upgrading my licensing level from PAL to RPAL over a year ago.

First, to meet the demands of the Ontario CFO, I had to invest in a gun club membership, costing about $300/year. I then challenged and aced the written and practical tests and waited 6 weeks to received the ratified test form before I could even submit an application for the license upgrade. The CFO took 6 months to process and approve the straightforward upgrade.

Once I received my license I was able to purchase my first restricted firearm. I then needed to wait several weeks for the transfer to be approved so I could take possession of the firearm.

I then applied to the CFO for an Authorization to Transport the firearm between my home and the gun club to which I have been a member for over a year. They refused to even issue me a temporary ATT TO MY OWN CLUB unless I had a written invitation to attend my own club. Being a working man, it is extremely difficult to obtain an invite for a specific time, apply and receive an ATT for that same time, and then hope that circumstances will permit me to go the range at that specific time. Therefore, the only feasible option is to apply for a long term ATT through my shooting club – a process that takes approximately another 3 months.

It have now paid for a full year of club membership without being able to make use of the investment. When contacting my MP, I was referred to my MPP, ‘as the CFO is appointed by the provincial government’. When contacting my MPP, I am referred to the federal government, ‘as firearms regulations are a federal issue, not provincial’. In the meantime, the CFO operates without accountability, making up his own rules.

It is high time that these racketeers are deposed, and the administration handed to accountable firearms experts who administrate the law, not invent it.

LAC from Quebec reports:

-8 weeks fo a transfer last year.

-5 weeks for an LATT(just valid to one club)

Poor service and up to 45minutes wait on the phone to speak to someone.

TUCO from Manitoba reports:

Mine is not so much about the CFO as the entire firearms process.

I applied for my RPAL last year about this time.

It seemed every time I called to check on the status of it the process moved on a little bit.

My current PAL was to expire on June 15th and still not having heard that my new one was approved I again phoned to check on the status of my application. I phoned on the 10th and was told they wanted to talk to my wife regarding the application because of a health concern they had. I had no problem with them talking to my wife or Doctor for that matter and had stated that back in April when this same issure came up. When asked if the application would be approved before June 15th I was told no it would not. I explained my current PAL ran out on that date and what should I do. I was told that I better not take my firearms out of the house until my new PAL arrived.

I could not believe that comment as this application had been in the hands for approval since about the first of April.

Thats my story of our fine Firearm system.

jigs from Alberta reports:

I live in Alberta and my nephew lives in Saskatoon and several cousins live in Regina. We decided to go to Regina via Saskatoon to visit relatives on the long weekend. This decision was made on a Wednesday to leave here on Friday.
I called the CFO to see if I could get a permit to take one of mt pistols to go shooting when we got to destinations.

CFOs as you are aware dream up their own rules and regulations. I was told NO in no uncertain terms and I would have to produce a letter from range in Saskatoon and Regina inviting me. That is just about impossible to get so as a law abiding citizen I did not take my firearm.

I used to have a Long term authorization for Sask, Alberta, and B.C. but again CFOs have taken it upon themselves to eliminate same.
Why should I have to have permits ( more paper ) to be able to take my own property with me when I go somewhere. I have a license to own this property but can’t use it unless some unknown CFO tells me I can.

Stupid is as stupid does.

I have several other incidents which involve hunting but that is another story.

Walt from Ontario reports:

Until recently, I belonged to two Shooting Clubs in Eastern Ontario.

I decided to cut back on my costs and chose to stay with only one club. The one that handled my ATT was the one I pulled out of. Prior to revoking my membership I checked with the CFO Ontario on how to proceed so that I would not have a gap in my ATT. They said that I just had inform the both clubs of my intentions and that then a new ATT would be administered by the remaining club.

I am now without an ATT, and will be so for the better part of a year. My one club said that the CFO wants me to take ANOTHER Handgun Safety course through THAT club, before they will issue an ATT. I have had handgun and holster courses before. I have had an ATT for many years prior to this, am a hunter, a collector, and a military veteran of 25 years.

I suppose that over 30 years of being in the system doesn’t matter. What matters to me is my freedom, waste of my time (not being able to shoot and taking another course) and money (I have to pay for this course).

Thanks for taking the time to read this rant. We need to have more people like MP Cheryl Gallant reviewing what faceless unelected bureaucrats are doing.

Bear23 from Ontario reports:

If you mean waiting 8-10 weeks or more for a simple transfer, yes.. (would you pay a store 1, 2 ,3 thousand or more and have to wait 3 months to get something.. I doubt it.. but these civil servants do not seem to care they make up excuses about being understaffed but these same people have the time to be searching the registry looking for paper criminals..

If you mean conflicting stories, lost registristrations, making up rule (aka policy) and calling it law? Yes..

And now they are harassing people that buy too many firearms in a period..

LAGO from Ontario reports:

In October 2012, I moved from BC to Ontario. In BC, my LTATT allowed me to go to any approved range or gun smithswithin the life of my RPAL. Upon movng to Ontario, I thought that I would request my LTATT contain the same permissions.

I was refused a LTATT because I did not belong to a specific gun club. The challenge in the GTA is that the city of Toronto has made it illegal to operate a gun range/ club in their city. This has forced shooters in the city to seek memberships in other regions. Thus causing other clubs memberships to max out. Now, most clubs only select new members once a year, if any at all.

After searching the WEB, I found a gun range that allows drop ins, Target shooting Sports. Once again I submitted a request. This time, for a one day ATT. The CFOs office again refused to issue me a one day ATT.

They told me that I needed to be invited by a member of the club, or the club itself. Having just moved to Ontario, I did not know anyone that was into shooting sports. Also Target shooting sports was not in the habit of issuing invitations to complete strangers. Who could blame them?

I called the CFOs office yet again, and asked to speak to a supervisor to vent my fustrations. I spoke to a Srgnt Neidemier. He said that this was federal law, and that he would read it to me.” He then said that “He could not find the page. I told him that I know you cant, as it is not a federal law. He then conceded that it was their policy to prevent people from having to drive to a range with a gun only to be refused service, and have to drive back home.

I told him , That could happen on a busy night even if I had a membership, and did not want to wait too long to shoot. He then accused me of Just wanting to drive around with a gun in the trunk!

Realizing that this conversation was getting heated on both sides, I decided to de-escalate the tone, and end it. Before hanging up, he said Change federal law, and we will abide by it.

To which I replied After hearing about how your office created a back door registry, I was not so sure that you would follow any law that does not suit you at all.

This rule is still on the Ontario CFOs books. Of all the wasted tax dollars, the whole system of ATTs and longterm ATTs have to be the biggest one. Atts are redundant on the RPAL and PAL licenses.

It only stands to reason that if you are going to have a RPAL or PAL, you are going to want to go to a range or crown land to shoot guns. Why do we have a whole office shuffling permission slips when our PALS/ RPALS are already permissions?

renegade from Ontario reports:

the man makes his own rules when no government asked him too…kept logs on firearm purchases when the long gun registry was dead…makes up rule on how a restricted can not join a gun club..tries to make his position more important then reality…

Brandon from Ontario reports:

I have recently sent my application to the CFO of Ontario. My application for an ATC as mentioned in section 20 of the firearms act was denied due to the fact of an “incomplete application”. The CFO has stated that I must fill out a “Schedule 1”, which needs to be filled out by police. This form must have minimum of four separate occurrences that have been reported and investigated by police, which my life has been in imminent danger. I have been fortunate that this has not happened to me or my loved ones. I believe that given the ongoing violent incidences of home invasions, assaults, rapes, murders, burglaries and other violent criminal acts that police are unable to prevent this from happening. We are all legitimately in “imminent danger” even if the probability may be remote. If you can survive at least four attacks on your life, you maybe considered the right now, to defend yourself and loved ones.

Recently with the passing of Bill C-19, the CFO of Ontario has blatantly showed disregard of the law, mandating firearms businesses still recorded the same information that was only required under the long gun registry. It is felt that the CFO has been abusing his authority. The CFO may not agree with the laws set in place, but it is his duty to uphold the existing laws, with out a bias.
While admittedly, the risk of violent assault against a lawful citizen is not zero and it is unpredictable. If we knew ahead of time when an assault was to occur, the intelligent person would simply arrange to be at a police station at that particular time! For the same reasons that we have fire extinguishers in our homes, seatbelts in our cars, and flotation devices in our boats, lawful citizens should be allowed the tools of personal defense. Concealed firearm carry does not imply one is seeking confrontation, any more than having the other safety tools mentioned above means one is seeking a house fire, a car crash, or a boat sinking. It simply means the citizen is prepared to accept personal responsibility for his/her personal safety.

I am aware that the firearms act has given the CFO the authority to issue or refuse the applications for an ATC. The firearms act is federal and has the power to oversee this. My complete application was returned to me with a cover letter stating that “The Chief Firearms Office of Ontario assesses each application for an “Authorization to Carry Restricted Firearms and Certain Handguns” for the protection of life from individuals on its own merits”. If having met the requirements for issuance of an ATC according to section 20, the decision should not be based on the CFO’s individual merit even if he disagrees with the law.

ATC protection of life restrictions ‘SCHEDULE 1’are vague, overbroad, arbitrary, and offend sections 7,11(a) and 11(d) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Lawful citizens with permits to carry are more law-abiding and less involved in confrontations of any kind than the general public.
The Ontario CFO has already publicized that they have ignored the law regarding Bill C-19. The powers given to the CFO’s has been abused, they feel that it is up to them to pick and choose the laws they must uphold. I could challenge this in the courts but, when the CFO has the taxpayer’s money to cover their cost, we all know that the average citizen can not afford the legal cost that will come with this.

I am a State of Maine and New Hampshire -certified Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit holder. In most of the USA my right to personal self defense is recognized. I am demanding the same level of respect from my own government. Any lawful Canadian, who passes the same level of background checks and training in the use of a defensive handgun as the police, should be able to go armed. After all the police are simply lawful citizens who have done this.

SwL_Wildcat from Alberta reports:

Last week I decided to take a decision making handgun course in Quebec. I needed a short term authorization to transport my handgun from Alberta to Quebec. I wanted to fly to Ottawa to visit some relatives as well, as the course is in Lachine, Qc about 2 hours away. I booked my flight from Edmonton, Alberta to Ottawa, Ontario and reserved a rental car for 4 days. On Monday, April 8th I called in to the CFOs office to request a STATT and it took 5 or 6 tries to get into que, as it usually rang busy. About 3 PM I finally got through to a human voice after being on hold for 15 minutes. I explained the situation to the lady on the phone and she informed me that I would need to contact all 3 CFOs and get a STATT from each one. She then said “You CAN speak French right?” I said the CFOs are required to be bilingual in Quebec. She laughed and said “I’ll put you through to the Alberta CFO now so you can start the process.” I sat on hold for another 10 minutes before the phone finally rang, only to be picked up with a “we are sorry, all of are lines are currently busy, please try your call again later”. So I immediately called back and after several more tries I get back into que again. The recording I was listening to while on hold indicated that if I needed a ATT I could press “1” and leave a message with all the details and your contact info and someone would process it the next business day. Perfect. I press 1 and left a 5 minute message with all the details and all my contact info and where to email the ATT. Next day goes by and nothing received and no contact from the CFOs office. Wednesday morning I again call the CFOs office and luckily I get into que on the first try and only have to wait 15 minutes on hold. I again explain what I need and the lady then tells me she can do it all and I do not need to contact all 3 CFOs. So I spend the next 20 minutes on the phone giving all the small details. They need the physical address of both the Edmonton International Airport as well as the Ottawa International Airport. They want the names and addresses of all the relatives I may be staying with or visiting in Ottawa, they want the names and addresses of all the hotels I will be staying while down east. In Alberta I CARRY a sidearm on my person daily while at work and I am trusted, and that permit to carry was issued by the CFO. Now all of a sudden I am in daycare and I need to tell them where I am going to be every minute of the time I am in Ontario and Quebec. Anyway after all that information the lady informs me she will do up the STATT and email it to me. Great! Finally progress. That day no ATT. That night no ATT. Next morning no ATT. Thursday I had to again call the CFOs office and I was not so lucky to get through right away. I had to redial quite a few times (every 5 minutes) and it took several hours to get through. Finally after lunch I got into que and it took 30 minutes to answer my call. I explained what happened the previous day. The lady looked up my PAL # and could find no evidence of me even asking for an ATT. So I explain it all again for another half hour, and this time she makes me fax in a written invitation on the shooting clubs letterhead. I make her wait on the phone while I go fax it to her. I then demand to wait while she does up the ATT and demand to wait until it is actually on MY fax machine. So total I spent 7 hours over 4 days trying to get a permission slip from the government to transport something that I carry in Alberta to another province for a training course to improve my decision making skills.

What should have happened? I should have been able to request a 5 day authorization to transport for all of Ontario and Quebec, a 5 minute phone call max. I am trying to stay within our legal system but the legal system is making it very hard to comply.

rodagra from British Columbia reports:

In the past I have received very good service from the BC CFOs office, but since the removal of the long gun registry the wait times for restricted and prohibited transfers have increased by a factor of up to 10.
If someone could give me a logical reason for this perhaps I would accept it, but so far I have heard nothing that makes sense except unauthorized stalling to try to prove that their workload has increased.

MET from Ontario reports:

I am a responsible firearms onwer and sport shooter in Ontario, we relocated to a new town, I called in and gave my new address and got my temp ATT to move my restricted firearms with me on Jan 29, the move was successful. We are required to have ATTs in order to transport our restricted firearms to only approved ranges, I am a member at a approved range but…I now needed my new address on my long term ATT, for whatever reasons, this very simple change took the Chief Firearms Office of Ontario 8 weeks to complete, this was only a ADDRESS change!!! I was not able to get out and enjoy my hobby during this wait, aside from the CFO dragging things on, we also need to review and correct the stupidty of ATTs in Canada!

Newheart from Ontario reports:

Excessive waiting
Rude and short on phone
Disregards laws passed by parliament
Makes up rules and regulations that inconvenience law abiding citizens

We are not the criminals.

SMOKEY from Ontario reports:

To whom it may concern,

Four years ago I called the CFO office to request a one time travel permit to transport a vintage handgun to the Eganville Gun Show in Eganville Ontario. My purpose was to hopefully have the handgun professionally appraised. I was honest and expressed my intent to the CFO Officer. His response to me was a flat out “no”. No explanation, just “no”. At that time I was an active member with the Pembroke Outdoor Sportsman Club. All my firearms are legally registered. I do have a Possession/Acquisition Permit. This permit is for both Non-restricted and Restricted firearms. I did have an active and legal ATT. This is a permit to legally and safely transport a restricted firearm from my residence to my club shooting range and back to my residence. The ATT was not valid to permit me to transport my vintage handgun to the gun show in Eganville. I knew I had to call the CFO for a special one time specific permit.
This was my first time ever calling the CFO for such a permit. I was totally shocked at his “no” without any explanation. I asked him what his position was with the CFO office. He said; I am the CFO and an OPP officer.

Doug from British Columbia reports:

Refused a proper LTATT for Alberta even i am a paid up member of a gun club in Calgary. Reason I live in B.C. Forced to join nine other clubs in order to get a real LTATT at a cost of over $700.00

Dooley from Ontario reports:

I was experiencing extremely long wait times for the transfer of firearms . The Firearms Registration office in Miramichi indicated that the transfers had been approved and were in the hands of the Ontario CFO.

I involved my local M.P. and M.P.P. in finding out why there was such a delay ( often months )when other provinces were only taking a week or so. The CFO response was that it was due to a greater work load in Ontario.

Unfortunately, both my M.P. and my M.P.P. sent copies of my letters directly to the CFO , thus disclosing my name.

A year or so later, I applied to renew my PAL and gave three months notice for this. When my PAL was due to expire within a couple of weeks, I queried the progress, only to be told that it was in the hands of the CFO. When it was down to one week I again contacted the CFO in Orillia, only to be told that my application had been transferred to the CFO office in London ( or Cambridge, I forget ) and was being handled by an OPP officer there. Contact with that officer was not possible because the officer was on a course and I was told that she would deal with it when she got back. The officer I was talking to ( a sargeant , I believe ) was beligerant and , reluctantly retrieved my application.

It is at this point that I should point out that on the application to renew my PAL I had honestly answered the medical questionair disclosing that I was being treated for Seasonal Adjustment Disorder. I gave My doctors contact information, diagnosis, prognosis and prescription details.This, apparently , was why my application was deemed a difficult one and why it was being handled by the London ( or Cambridge ) office.

The phone interview with the officer continued with the same beligerant tone from the officer. He wanted to know the details of my condition and all relevant details. I told him that this information was written right on the application form. His response was that he did not have it. After a short silence he said …so. you think that contacting your MP is going to help you do you ? … reference to the letters that my MP had forwarded to the Ontario CFO a year or so ago. I indicate that, in my opinion, it had done so.

He grudgingly agreed to renew my PAL this time . It arrived in the mail one day before my PAL was due to expire. I should add that a significant number of my collection were in the license 12 ( 6 ) prohibited category and, had my license expireI I would have lost that category and my 12 ( 6 ) category guns would have been confiscated.

Ironically, at a CFO/CSSA convention in Orillia a year later, Chief Inspector Wyatt, the Ontario CFO, publically stated that anybody who answered the medical question honestly must be stupid ! And this man controls my shooting destiny.

Frankly, I am concerned about what will happen when I next apply to renew my PAL, even though I am no longer being treated for SAD.

Bob from Ontario reports:

I purchased a converted auto. The CFOs want all converted autos examined by the RCMP before transfering . Been waiting over a year for the RCMP to complete the examination.

BobinBC from British Columbia reports:

Lets see…2 days to register a restricted firearm before the Long gun registry was eliminated, and nearly 50 days after…

BC Sniper from British Columbia reports:

Transfer was initiated March 11, 2013, between registered gun owners. I waited a week and hearing nothing I phoned back to the CFO and asked for an update. I was told at the time 1-2 weeks. Phoned back on the 18th of March and was transferred to the BC CFOs office. I was told there it would be 4-5 weeks. I inquired as to why the long wait. Was told the present work load was to blame.
**Note here**. I was in Alberta on the 16th of March and watched a restricted weapon purchased and out the door with all required documentation in 1 hr 45 mins from the time the buyer made his selection.
I called every Monday and Friday until the the 15th of April. Exactly 5 calendar weeks from the initial start date. The call to the CFOs office was the same reply, “the transfer has not been approved”. I asked to be transferred to the BC CFOs office. 20 minute wait and finally got through. The agent on the other end said “please wait” which I did for another 5 minutes on hold. When she came back she said “sorry for the wait, I just approved your transfer. Would you like an ATT for that?” I had the impression that the appropriate amount of time had gone by for waiting and I could now be rewarded with my authorization.
I had the completed transfer and ATT faxed in five minutes after I hung the phone up, something that could have been done in the first week of purchase.

tj from Ontario reports:

i believe that the 12x guns other then 12.6 lost there right to take guns to range base on the size of remaining owners,
The last numbers I have are for 2005.

12(2) firearms 1,459 licenses 434
12(3) firearms 3,937 licenses 1,637
12(4) firearms 605 licenses 481
12(5) firearms 8,271 licenses 5,266
12(6) firearms 162,692 licenses 75,846
12(7) firearms 262 licenses 181

i think much trust has been lost with the system and owners are in fear of an agenda, gun owners are a easy targets. i futher think that it is wrong that they continue to recreate laws base on thier Interpretation. legal owners are losing there guns because they make valid registration Certificates void if the Licence expires by one day, those that didnt know they had to re register already registered firearms also lost thier status, further all 12.3 guns are being re inspected for opportunityies to thin ownership. i also would like to say that the entire 12.6 class was scripted to remove half the legal handguns in private possession. i do support the cpc and will always , thank you for removing LGR, as this to was design to remove more guns from private ownership, i obey the law and make great effort to do my part, i believe we should have laws, i dont believe the cfc should be complicating and targeting legal gun owners owners. i am trusted in the miltary to be responible, but as a civilian, i feel stigmatized.

John33 from British Columbia reports:

nothing horribly bad, but I have had to call many many times over STATTs and LTATTs, and transfers etc. These things take way too long and should not.

in no other business/sport/hobby etc, would these wait times be allowed to continue.

We the law abiding firearms owners are treated like criminals, while the actual criminals have nothing done about their behaviour.

Schecter 81 from Alberta reports:

The Alberta CFO has issued temporary closures of the firearms range I belong to. He has requested “range improvements” be done for safety reasons, but will not outline the requirements. We have presented multiple plans for the new range design to get out long range facility back up and running which will include upwards of 100k in investment with no approval from the CFO. All construction requires an engineered plan and permitting from Leduc County, but with no approved plan from the CFO, it leaves the non-profit firearms club guessing at what arbitrary design the CFO will approve the day of the inspection. The CFO has even declined the current military firing range templates saying they do not meet his requirements for safety. There needs to be some standard to meet so the ranges can meet the requirements in order to plan and budget range maintaince, design, and improvements in order to facilitate safe operations. Widespread CFO range closures only pushes shooters onto private and crown land. This does not increase public safety. We want a CFO or replacement organization that we can work with to create a safe and fun shooting environment for both hobbyists and hunters alike. Our clubs are willing to spend the money to build the ranges if there is a reasonable and clear requirement outlined.
The gun club is Canadian Historical Arms Society and the Genesse Range in Alberta.

Fred from Quebec reports:

In Quebec it is mandatory to be a member of a shooting range to own restricted firearms.

So 1 month before my membership and ATT expires (Early may 2012) I renew my membership and send in the paperwork to the provincial CFO.

It took them almost 3 months to renew my ATT (received mid-late july); I could not go to the range without my ATT. I lost almost 2 months of range membership (which is a bit more than 300$ per year).

I’m really disapointed by the level of service I’m getting.