Dear Responsible Firearms Owners

Now that our Federal Conservative Government has fulfilled its promise to scrap the Liberal’s wasteful billion dollar long-gun registry, we need to look at other ways to save taxpayers dollars.

I have introduced Motion 439 to privatize the functions of the Canadian Firearms Registration System. In addition to saving tax dollars, privatizing the functions of the Canadian Firearms Registration System has a number of other advantages.

  • It would eliminate the costly duplication of having each province managing a separate bureaucracy to administer the firearms registration system.
  • Law-abiding sportsmen, hunters and farmers would benefit by having one set of rules rather than the provincial patchwork that currently exists.
  • By privatizing the functions, as a civilian agency the office would become administrative and service oriented, to the benefit of all Canadians.
  • Law enforcement professionals’ valuable time can be re-directed away from paperwork to more useful tasks such as front-line policing.

The good thing about this change is that since it is administrative, legislation may not be required, but your support is!

You can help by casting your e-VOTE to demonstrate support for this responsible firearms reform.