Elderly gun owners target of inspection

“Ontario’s Chief Firearms Office says it is responding to concerns raised by Toronto police, which have in the past been called to the homes of gun owners who had either died or been hospitalized and did not have their registered firearms securely stored. In some cases, the guns were found lying around. Authorities worry they could get into the wrong hands.

“This is a very real public safety concern,” Ontario’s Chief Firearms Officer Chris Wyatt wrote in a letter to the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA), which is against the idea.

The Chief Firearms Office says it is exercising its right, under the Firearms Act, to inspect homes where there are more than 10 firearms, including a restricted or prohibited gun.

It is targeting owners who are 75 years or older. The office has sent letters to 48 owners in Toronto advising them of the upcoming inspections, which will be prearranged.”