Ontario’s gun police defend new rules

“The Chief Firearms Officer said the decision was his to make and gun owners can comply with ease.

“Most of the time, obtaining a written invitation will be easy,” chief firearms officer, Ontario Provincial Police Supt. Chris Wyatt, told QMI Agency. “The invitation may simply be a print-out of an e-mail from the member of the host club who has invited the authorization-holder to attend, or it might be a copy of a notice of a competition generated by the host club that invites members of other clubs to attend.”

Wyatt said he was “mindful” of the recent killings in Newtown, Conn., when making the change and pointed to the case where an innocent bystander was shot dead outside of a Toronto strip club in January 2008. The shooter, Edward Paredes, was a restricted firearms owner and carrying his gun with him in the club.

The new conditions appear on the Authorization To Transport (ATT) and advises owners they must be a member of their destined range or an invitee and be able to show police that invitation upon demand.”